Child Orthodontics

Child Orthodontics

Child Orthodontics is a treatment that is responsible for the alignment of teeth in children, as well as dental skeletal malformations.

It is recommended that the first visit to an orthodontist takes place at 6 or 7 years because at that age the first permanent molar has erupted, so that you can diagnose if there is a problem and correct it early. Like the oral habits to break that modify the occlusion being corrected early may avoid problems later. There are cases where it is important to correct the bone problem before the first permanent teeth appear.

The orthodontist will diagnose if there are problems of growth of the jaw or teeth to erupt, as some teeth are still present.

The importance of early diagnosis lies in that if orthodontic problems are detected early, are easier to correct, it is also important because it can modify the dental and facial aesthetics of the patient.

At what age should I start my orthodontic treatment? It is a question asked by many parents, the Spanish Society of Orthodontists recommends the first visit at 6, 7,y.o. to help diagnose problems early and existing malocclusion. Many times, patients come when they have completed the replacement of the teeth, many skeletal problems that are difficult to treat and affect the facial aesthetic surgery in the end. After the orthodontic analysis ,we will inform you what is the optimal time for treatment, type of malocclusion and appliances to use.


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